North Jersey Paver Patios and Paver Porches Design and Build

If you’re looking to create more usable outdoor space or just want to improve the value of your home, a new paver patio is an ideal solution.

At DF Construction, we can help you create a place where your family can gather to eat, play, and have fun. Let’s transform an unused corner of your backyard into a dining area that’s used throughout the warmer seasons or a relaxing spot to get away from it all.

Fully versatile, pavers can be fashioned to make a patio of various colors or textures, to create a design that reflects any outdoor aesthetic. Pavers can also be combined with wall materials to create a cohesive seating area, fire or water features, and a variety of other elements that reflect your own style. How can our paver patio ideas transform your yard?

Extend Your Living Space

You could spend every day inside. But why would you when the weather is so beautiful? Your new porch will be like an outdoor extension of your home. Brickheads Masonry is here to help you create a front porch you’ll love to spend time on. It will be like your own little escape from everyday life!


We have many materials and color options for your porch. You can decide to make the porch match your house, or create a bold, unique space! All our materials are sturdy and will hold up for many, many years.

Reliable Service

You can count on the DF Construction paver installers to get your project done right. We’ve been constructing porches for decades and know how to do it right so it will last.

Paver Patios
and Porches Gallery

Explore our gallery of recent projects and on-the-job pictures to get a feel of the quality of the work that you can expect from DF Construction.