North Jersey Steps and Retaining Wall Build Experts

We can build a retaining wall that’s both functional and attractive. While such walls are typically constructed to control erosion or to create more space in a multi-leveled yard, they can serve as beautiful structures on their own, too.

At DF Construction, we can engineer a wall that will be strong enough to support a driveway or sidewalk, yet still maintain your yard’s consistent design style. Using our 3D design tools, you’ll be able to see how a fully durable wall could transform your property and help make more space more usable. Let’s talk about building your new retaining wall.

Add Structure And Stability To Your Home

Wing walls are used to hold back soil on one face of a home, keeping the home level and assisting with buildings that are placed on slopes. Wing walls are built out as building foundation extensions and create walkout basements or lawn spaces outside the home.

Every Kind Of Construction Material

When it comes to retaining wall construction, there are many different materials that you can choose from to get your masonry solution taken care of. Concrete, Blocks, Bricks and Stone. 

Reliable Service

You can count on the DF Construction paver installers to get your project done right. We’ve been constructing porches for decades and know how to do it right so it will last.

Steps and Retaining Walls
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